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Enjoy a day bunch of adventure, discovering the natural beauty of Salango Island located near the Puerto Lopez inside of  Machalilla National Park. You will visit different coral reef systems where you will be amazed by the diverse marine life near the coast. 

A place where you will enjoy a lot of kind of adventures such as exploring the marvelous of the Machalilla National Park. The coastal route reaches Salango Island where you can see sea birds from the cliffs and snorkel in the reefs around Isla Salango. There are also shared activities with free swimming and kayaking in the area. Besides this, enjoy snacks with banana bread and fresh fruit. We will provide you all the important information you will need about the tour and about the local biodiversity too.

This Tour From June 22 to September included Whale Watching and the cost is 5 USD more.

¡Enjoy and visit us!

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From USD 25

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11:15 a.m. Meet our office Palo Santo Travel in the Malecon, in front of the navy (reten naval) in Puerto Lopez

11:40 a.m. Departure from the pier Puerto Lopez

12:00 p.m. Snorkeling Time in Salango Island. On-site, at the reef, you will receive an explanation of the park rules and how to use the snorkeling gear correctly. Snack. 

14.00 p.m. Return to the Puerto Lopez pier (Approximately)



Families, single, couple of all age with love for nature, adventure, and life.


Yes, it is safe. 
Our boat is also equipped with life-jackets for every single person on board, and all our crew members have been trained and certified to assure your safety and the safety of the animals. Also, Isla Salango is so close to Puerto López. 


We have three tour boats from 31 to 41 feet in length with two outboards engines,  GPS, radio, comfortable seats,  safe jackets, bathroom, and everything necessary for you to be comfortable on the trip.  Although the boats have a capacity of 30 passengers, in obedience to the regulations of Machalilla National Park, for this tour, we travel every day with 22 passengers. Our main boat seats up to 22 passengers each. School groups: Please ask us about our special rates for school groups.


This incredible Coastal tour of Ecuador will give travelers a complete view of the Coast of Ecuador, visiting archeological ruins, nature reserves, natural beaches with white sand and  Isla de la Plata or Isla Salango, Puerto Lopez Tourism Experiences and so much more, while on our Coast of Ecuador tours!   

Isla de la Plata Tour

Los Frailes  Beach and Isla Salango (Coastal Tours) 

Los Frailes Beach and Agua Blanca (Archeological ruins)

Small Luxury Beach Hotel + Isla de la Plata (2 days,1 night)

Experiences Puerto Lopez (4 days, 3 nights)


Bring comfortable beach clothes, Windbreaker jacket, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, extra clothes, extra money (enjoy our souvenirs in the store).


Snorkeling time (we provide you with full snorkel gear: mask, fins, and snorkel) where you will observe a rich variety of colorful fish and coral reefs that are unique to these coasts
. A little snack (usually banana cake + fruit + soda)
- 5-10 minutes of bird sightings (blue-footed birds, pelicans, and frigates) at Punta Piqueros on our way to Salango.

Round trip transportation from Puerto Lopez pair to Salango Island. Native Guide (Spanish), boat equipped with a security system, life jackets, snorkeling equipment, and snack.


Special drinks, tips, towels. English guide (available for extra). The guide speaks Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can go on the boat? Until 22 passengers, each one with snorkel equipment.
  • Do you have English speaking captains or guides? Our captains and crew speak only Spanish, but we could offer an English guide.  The language will not be a problem.
  • Do the boats have a bathroom onboard? Yes. All our boats have it.
  • Do I need to bring food? Food is not provided, only snacks (banana cake, fruit). If you like you could bring more food with you. No alcohol drinks. 
  • Could I smoke in the boat? It is not possible. Free smoke Tours. 
  • Will I get seasick? Seasickness depends on the individual and the conditions of the sea the day you go snorkeling. We recommend that if you do not know if you get seasick, take a commercial motion sickness medication (Local Drogeries sell for one dollar) or use the wrist bands or patches that help you prevent seasickness problems.
  • Does the boat include Safety equipment? Each boat counts with a First Aid kit and life jackets for each passenger on board. Also, each boat includes Rescue equipment, for example, Radio VHS, flare, and Ring lifesavers. Our captain and sailor have legal credentials in aid and rescue. 
  • Are there buoys on the boat? Yes, there is a buoy on the boat and we place it in the water for safety. If the passenger feels unsafe in the water, we provide life jackets to make it feel more comfortable and safe.
  • This Tour From June 22 to September included Whale Watching and the cost is 5 USD more.



  1. Puerto López
  2. King kong roca
  3. Isla Salango