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Our goal is to give you an exciting adventure you will never forget. We want to make sure you enjoy the incredible marine life sightings the Machalilla National Park has to offer. 

La Isla de La Plata is also known as small Galápagos because it has the same ecosystem and marine birds living on the Island. In pre-Columbian times (5.000 B.C.),  the sun and the sea was a ceremonial center of worship for the Incas. Buccaneers and pirates later visited the Island. The old histories tell about hidden treasures.  Finally it belonged to one of the most famous families in Ecuador to be part of the Machalilla National Park, Isla de la Plata is the second protected area biggest in Ecuador.

You need to know we are committed to your safety: our vessel is equipped with life-jackets for every single person on board, and all our crew members have been trained and certified to assure your safety. If you suffer from any physical or mental condition that may affect your safety during this trip (heart or pulmonary problems, sea sickness, asthma etc.), let us know when you are booking so we can arrange the proper changes to your itinerary to guarantee you have a pleasant and safe trip.

Our tour will be different, our service is personal and we have biologist, enjoy our services. A lot of fun!



From USD 44

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6:30 TO 7 HOURS, it would take more or less, because we don’t know about the behaviour of the animals. We are in the wild nature.

Meet with us in Palo Santo Travel Agency

09:10 Departure from the agency to the dock to board the boat. Meet your guide at Palo Santo Office. Our office is in the north Malecon (Malecon and Abdon Calderon), beside Itapoa Hotel, in front of the navy office.

10:50  Arrival at Isla de la Plata and we can see marine turtles marine. We have snack.

11:20   Hike for observing marine birds and landscapes of the Plata island. 

13:30   Box Lunch (fruits and sandwichs)

13:45 Snorkeling for observation of many fish species and the coral reef in La Plata Island.

14:30   Return to Puerto  López

16:00   Arrival at the dock

Walking in Isla de la Plata 2 hours aprox.; snorkel on the reef corals with tropical fishes 40 minutes aprox.


Yes, it is safe. 
Our boat is also equipped with life-jackets for every single person on board, and all our crew members have been trained and certified to assure your safety and the safety of the animals. 


We have three tour boats from 31 to 41 feet in length with two outboards engines,  GPS, radio, confortable seats,  safe jackets, bathroom and everything necessary for you to be comfortable on the trip.  Although, the boats have a capacity of 30 passengers, in obedience to the regulations of Machalilla National Park, we travel every day with 16 passengers. 

Our main research boat seats up to 16 passengers each one. 

School groups: Please ask us about our special rates for school groups.

Families, single, couple of all age with love for the nature, adventure and the life. If there's part of your group or family who can not walk can take the time to walk using more time for snorkel or enjoy the beaches of the island of La Plata.
Guide (English, Spanish), boat equipped with a security system, life jackets, snorkeling equipment, free drink and lunch box, bird watching, sea turtles and reef fish.
Transport to and from the Island (from Palo Santo office, Puerto Lopez)
,  bird and sea turtle sighting
- Box lunch (sandwich + fruit + soda), bottle of water to take with you to the Island while trekking
- Naturalist guide
- 30 minutes of snorkelling (we provide you with full snorkel gear)

Special drinks, tips and towels.


From December to May: bring walking shoes, hat, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel and repelent
From June to November: Windbreaker jacket, hiking shoes, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel.


12 USD - CD with photos and home videos of your tour. Also we included photos about Puerto López and Isla de La Plata with the marine bird, turtles and reef corals. The best gift for yourself.


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