ENJOY THE BEST LIVE ADVENTURE IN ISLA DE LA PLATA FROM GUAYAQUIL TRANSFER FROM GUAYAQUIL TO PUERTO LOPEZ + TOUR ISLA DE LA PLATA AND SNORKEL, FULL DAY DAILY TOUR FROM OCTOBER TO MAY Our goal is to give you an exciting adventure you will never forget.  You can enjoy the amazing marine life sightings off the coast of Puerto Lopez and Machalilla National Park. This tour included marine turtles sightings, walking in Isla de la Plata for two hours (small Galapagos) and Snorkel  and swimming surrounded by tropical colorful fish and abundant marine life. Feel the nature very close you.   This tour included trasfer GUAYAQUIL - Puerto Lopez - GUAYAQUIL, trekking in Isla de la Plata, encounter with marine turtles, snorkel time with tropical fishes. The tour began from your hotel or airport in Guayaquil, for three and half hour, you enjoy the Guayas and Manabi province landscapes, then we will arrive to Puerto Lopez, part of Machalilla National Park is the best breeding area with different species of marine birds, whales, turtles in Latinoamerica.    La Isla de La Plata is also known as small Galápagos because it has the same ecosystem and animals living on the Island. In pre-Columbian times the sun and the sea was a ceremonial center of worship for the Incas. Later, the Plata Island was visited by buccaneers and pirates. Finally it belonged to one of the most famous families tours in Ecuador to be part of the Machalilla National Park, Isla la Plata is the second important protected area in Ecuador.